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The below Case Studies demonstrate our experience, expertise and capabilities in completing Underground Mapping Surveys for high profile, flagship projects.  These examples illustrate how we have managed complex surveys and worked with a variety of stakeholders to support our clients in meeting their objectives. 

All of the below Case Studies have been uploaded with the permission & approval of our clients. 

As part of our Quality Assurance processes, we obtain feedback from our clients via either a Questionnaire, which is submitted with our survey results or as part of a follow up call, at which point we may ask our clients if they would be happy for us to upload a case study in regards to their specific undertaking.

Many projects that we provide Underground Mapping & GPR Surveys for are of a confidential nature, taking place on sensitive sites or forming the early stages of design, planning or development and as such the schemes are not yet in the public domain. 

Further down, our news stories let you know what we are doing on a more regular basis, outlining our ongoing achievements, such as audit results, health and safety compliance, goings on and industry news. 

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