3D Underground Mapping

GEOTEC Surveys also provide survey results in 3D AutoCAD DWG format for buried services & utility mapping surveys, as well as those in line with PAS 128. 

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Examples of rendered 3D buried services survey results 

The detection of buried services & utilities is conducted using the same standards, techniques & methods used for our 2D surveys, including GPR & EML; however additional data is collected in order to provide a 3D representation. 


An example of a survey where we have several unidentified ground penetrating radar targets present, as well as confirmed buried services and utilities.

This tool also allows us to confirm the presence of metallic and conductive services that have already been detected through radio frequency detection / electro-magnetic locating (RFD / EML).

2D Topographical Surveys

3D Topographical Surveys

3D Laser Scanning

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