Sub-Surface Consultancy

Our office-based staff, have a combined 35 years of experience and can assist you in identifying the best survey method or methods to detect, map and provide additional detail in regard to subsurface unknowns, anomalies, hazards and concerns.

GEOTEC Surveys detect a wide range of subsurface features including buried services & utilities (to PAS 128), voids, obstructions and other anomalies to assist our clients in problem solving, planning, design and meet health & safety.

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An example of a survey where we have several unidentified ground penetrating radar targets present, as well as confirmed buried services and utilities.

This tool also allows us to confirm the presence of metallic and conductive services that have already been detected through radio frequency detection / electro-magnetic locating (RFD / EML).

PAS 128 Surveys

GPR Surveys

Vehicle Mounted GPR Surveys

Utility Mapping / Buried Services Surveys

Service Clearance / Marking Out Surveys

We work for a wide range of different clients offering bespoke surveys, tailored to meet your specific requirements – please talk to us to see how we can help you.

GPR Surveys

Electromagnetic Surveys

ERT / Resistivity

Geophysical Surveys

The priority for most clients is buried services & utilities – GEOTEC go much deeper than this.

We also use ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetics (EM) and electrical imaging / resistivity (ERT), to map the sub-surface environment, for a range of other features.

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