Power Line Laid through 6th Century Skeleton

NEWS 12/12/2023

A photo has emerged showing an apparent uncovered 6th Century Cemetery, where a buried power line, allegedly directionally drilled, has seemingly been bored through the skull of a women. 

There is some debate as to whether the below photo is fake or not however it raises the debate as to how, if true, this has happened. 

GEOTEC Surveys Ltd are regularly asked to carry out surveys for unmarked graves, for a variety of reasons. The most common is so that the cemetery can understand the available capacity for additional burials.

We would look to use the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system to identify changes in ground density in regards to the disturbance caused to the ground, an example of which is below, together with an accompanying radargram. 

GPR Survey Radar Gram

The anomaly detected by GPR is located at a depth of 1.2m below the ground surface.

There are instances where graves cannot be detected, especially if they have been in situ for a significant period and the homogenous ground around them is no longer substantially different in terms of ground density.  

We have also completed several surveys within church environments for the detection and mapping of buried services and utilities.

We also carry out surveys for buried power cable installations, whereby we mark on the ground surface the presence of any existing services, along the route, in spray paint, ahead of the digging crew, to use as a guide.  

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