Service Clearance & Marking Out Survey

As well as carrying out a full utility mapping survey, we do provide CAT scans whereby the position, type and depth of buried services & utilities are sprayed onto the ground surface. 

We can either survey a whole area or provide service clearance for numerous invasive ground investigation (GI) areas or positions. This includes borehole, window sample, trial pit or core sample locations. 

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GEOTEC Service Clearance Survey

Although a drawing is not provided, the methodology used is the same (use of EML, cover lifting and GPR) as for any other utility mapping survey with GPR targets sprayed onto the ground surface in real time. 

A mark out survey provides a costeffective alternative when smaller excavations are planned, such as the installation of bollards, signs and flag poles, or to markup services prior to cable route installations. 


An example of a survey where we have several unidentified ground penetrating radar targets present, as well as confirmed buried services and utilities.

This tool also allows us to confirm the presence of metallic and conductive services that have already been detected through radio frequency detection / electro-magnetic locating (RFD / EML).

PAS 128 Surveys

GPR Surveys

Vehicle Mounted GPR Surveys

Utility Mapping / Buried Services Surveys

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