Alton Station Improvements on Track

NEWS 08/03/2023

The ongoing improvement works as part of the Alton Railway Station Forecourt project are on schedule for April completion.

GEOTEC Surveys Ltd completed a full Underground Mapping Survey in July 2021 as part of this project over 4x nights, which consisted of the full car park, including both exits and entrances, Station Road and the areas around the front of the station over an estimated 9,000 square metres.

We took the decision to complete these works out of hours as to not disrupt the day to day operations of the Station and the adjacent Waitrose.

GEOTEC Alton Station Improvements
GEOTEC Alton Station Survey Improvements

This information was used for the design of the pavement enhancements, resurfacing, improved drainage and better access, as discussed within the East Hants newsletter of February 2023.

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