5 Questions: How does it work then?

NEWS 22/12/2022

Each month (or so) we shall be answering the most common questions that we are asked by our clients. #3 – How does it work then?

In the majority of site meetings, where we are discussing surveys for the detection & mapping of buried services and utilities, the client (or potential client) will turn round at some point and say:

“So er, how does it work then”?

“Is it toed on the back of a van”?

“Is it a ride-along machine”?

“Do you just push it around and it picks everything up”?

“Can it find plastic services as well”?

This is because in many instances, the client has requested a GPR Survey (Ground Penetrating Radar Survey) but in order to locate buried services and utilities, comprehensively, the GPR is not our only tool.

Once the survey area has been made safe and all tool box talks, site walkovers, inductions and other pre-start activities have taken place we begin, following the below approach.

GEOTEC Surveys Utility Mapping

going on?


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